Are There Healthy Distractions?

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Are There Healthy Distractions?
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date 11-22-2019
Link Are There Healthy Distractions?
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Characters featured Roman Sanders, Patton Sanders, Logan Sanders, Virgil Sanders, Remus Sanders, Janus Sanders
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Flirting with Social Anxiety

Are There Healthy Distractions?” is the first episode of the Sanders Asides youtube series. It was published on November 22nd, 2019.


Thomas, Patton, Roman, Logan, and Virgil watch Frozen while discussing what to do about the fact that Thomas snapped at a friend and is now worried out of his wits about what that friend is saying about him now.

Video Description

What to do when anxiety has a hold and you just can't let... it... leave? Obviously, I deal with that quite a bit, and this evening, I turn to my number one distraction from the plagues of life: movies! My Sides are mostly on board with this... mostly. Are distractions like these helpful in anxiety-ridden situations like these?


  • Roman stole Janus's hat.
  • When Janus showed up to grab his hat, Virgil straight-up hissed at him.
  • Roman was making fun of the movie as they watched it, and Logan noted that he was the only one doing so.


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