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BLOOPER REEL !! The Bloop Awakenss! (Sanders Sides)
Behind the Scenes and Bloopers 6
Air date 02-29-2020
Link BLOOPER REEL!! The Bloop Awakens! (Sanders Sides)
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BLOOPER REEL!! The Bloop Awakens (Sanders Sides) is the 7th Behind the Scenes video created for the Sanders Sides series. It was published on February 29, 2020.

Video Description

WARNING: This video has a LOT of foul language, innuendo, and conversation (a lot of which was probably inspired by discussions of intrusive thoughts)! Please watch with caution!!

You guys have all been asking for more Sanders Sides bloopers, so we finally bring you our blunders, shenanigans, and behind-the-scenes footage from the most recent Sanders Sides and Sanders Asides episodes, Dealing with INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS and Are There Healthy Distractions? Strangely, this video only encompasses two videos, but is our longest blooper reel yet!! I don’t know if that’s because we’re getting sillier while we film, or if I just wanna show you more of what happens behind the scenes, but, either way, I hope you don’t mind!! Please enjoy this chaotic but fun video!

Once again, I have to thank ALL of the AMAZING human beings who came together to help these videos to be made and who were part of the shenanigans in this video!!

Also, have to give a big thank you to our Best Boy, Gavin, who helped us on set!!

Also, a HUGE thank you to those who helped comb through the raw footage to FIND all these Bloopers!!

Thank you also to the two awesome kids who helped me with my HelloFresh integration!

And thank you to Quil for helping me to make the quesadillas!

Thank you to Connor for helping to isolate all the raw footage!!

And a HUMONGOUS thank you to the editors who helped me make this video what it is!!

And thank you SO MUCH to Emma for helping to create the thumbnail for this video!!

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