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Season 2, Episode 11
Air date 6-25-19
Transcript Transcripts/Dealing with INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS
Characters featured Roman Sanders, Virgil Sanders, Patton Sanders, Logan Sanders, Remus Sanders
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Selfishness v. Selflessness
Putting Others First - Selfishness v. Selflessness Redux

Dealing with INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS” is episode 11 season 2 of the Sanders Sides YouTube series. It was published on June 25th, 2019.

Video Description

"Sometimes, the most troubling issues we face are ones we’re too frightened or hesitant to talk about with others. In this episode, Thomas deals with some troubling thoughts from the night before, and it has the Sides at odds with how to address the situation, if at all. And it doesn’t help that a new force is bringing all of this forbidden thinking about. Hope you all enjoy!

Special thanks to all the incredible individuals who worked tirelessly on this project to make it happen!!

Firstly, the amazing writers on this video: Joan, Quil, Adri

Next, a BIG thank you to those who worked on the edit of the video, including the musical sequence! Joan, Camden

Also, a HUGE thank you to those who worked on the costumes in this video! David, Quil, Joan, Adri

And a HUGE thank you to all who helped with makeup for this video! Talyn, Adri, Joan

And a GIGANTIC thank you to all who made The Duke's Theme!! Music by Jamahl and Foti Lyrics by Joan

And thank you to Joan and Adri, who storyboarded the entire music video! Also, thank you to Joan and Quil, who helped create all the props for the video! And thank you to our wonderful tech crew, Quil, Adri, and Camden, who assisted with the making of the musical sequence!

And thank you all to the amazing people who helped participate in this video and made it a reality: Terrence, Valerie, Rafaela, AJ, Octavia And thank you to Erin for contributing art to the project!

Also, thank you to our Best Boy, Gavin, who helped us on set any chance he could!! He's the best!!

The music video sequence in this video was inspired in part by some of the amazing Sanders Sides animatics that have been made by the likes of Xaan, Celeste, and others! We're so honored that our work has inspired such wonderful pieces of art, and we wanted to let anyone who makes fanart know that you're work inspires us as much as ours may have inspired you. If you want to check out those specific animatics listed above, you can watch them here: "Cool Kids || Sanders Sides Animatic" by Xaan - "Friends on the Other Side (Dark Sides AU Animation)" by Celeste -"


  • This is the first episode in which a Dark Side was revealed along with their name.
  • Thomas has confirmed that the deodorant is made of marshmallow fondant.
  • Remus employs several pieces of religious language and imagery throughout his song, including:
    • Referencing the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible (both in the beginning of the song and in referencing 'Janus' in the line recently a snake offered me a morsel from the Tree of Knowledge.
    • Implying that Thomas' thoughts are unnatural and will get him sent to hell in the lines so let all your dreams of heaven be forgotten /'cause your mind's not in the gutter, pal / it's in Hell.
  • In the song's line You've got a FIEND in me Remus wears a cowboy costume, referencing Sheriff Woody from the Disney movie Toy Story which features the song You've Got A Friend In Me.

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