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Below is a glossary of terms that are used within the Sanders Sides wiki and general discussion. These definitions are expanded upon by clicking on the link (if applicable) associated with the term.


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A manifestation encompassing an aspect of a larger, singular personality.

Example: Logan is the first side that is introduced. He represents Thomas' logic and reason.[1]


Dark Side

Manifestation of a personality's repressed part, similar to the concept of a Shadow. Sides are prevented from mentioning or discussing the existence of any Dark Side in front of Thomas before they are introduced.

Example: Remus is a Dark Side.[2]

Thomas character.png

Whole Person

A person whose personality can be split up into multiple Sides.

Example: Thomas Sanders.


Dream Scenario

Hypothetical situations used to provide an example, demonstrate something that happened earlier, or explain a concept. They are always shown to someone else, and there is no ‘meta’ interaction between sides and/or the whole.

Example: Roman's animations, as well as Logan's marker drawings.[3] The many video game scenarios, such as this law game parody.[4]

Judge sanders.png

Mindpalace, Mindscape

The Mindscape is a setting that exists entirely within Thomas' mind. Sides exist in the Mindscape when they are not being summoned by Thomas in reality. It can change in setting and appearance to fit whatever is required by Thomas or a Side.

Example: The Mind Palace Theater,[5] the courtroom.[6]

Virgil in patton's room.png

A Side's Room

A Side's Room exists within a specific area of the Mindscape. Each room looks like Thomas' apartment but is differently decorated depending on the side that inhabits it: catering to that side's particular theme and aesthetic. A Side's Room is normally only accessible by that particular side, although other sides can gain access if Thomas permits it.

Example: Virgil's Room,[7][8] and Patton's Room.[9][10]



Each side has the ability to change or alter their appearance. This can range from a simple change in clothing or attire to adapting the likeness of someone that already exists.

Example: Patton shapeshifts into Talyn.[11]


Summoning, Conjuring

Sides are able to summon into being different items and props. It is not entirely clear to what extent, however, the ability to summon items outside of the Mindscape is restricted to certain items and sides. Within the Mindscape, any side is able to conjure any item of their choice.[6]

Example: Logan summons jam in multiple episodes.


  • Thomas Sanders, the creator, has confirmed that Thomas (Character) does not have Dissociative Identity Disorder.[12]. As such, the term 'side' is not used interchangably with the term Alter, and the term 'whole person' is not used interchangably with the term Host.