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Learning New Things About Ourselves
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date 10-29-2018
Link Learning New Things About Ourselves
Transcript Transcripts/Learning New Things About Ourselves
Characters featured Roman Sanders, Virgil Sanders, Patton Sanders, Logan Sanders
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Crofters - THE MUSICAL!
EMBARRASSING PHASES: The Nightmare Instead of Christmas!

Learning New Things About Ourselves” is episode 8 season 2 of the Sanders Sides youtube series. It was published on October 29, 2018. 


Thomas feels confused, Logan and Roman are arguing, and it's up to Patton and Virgil to fix the problem. Maybe some puppets and a song can help get the Sanders Sides back on track.

Video Description

“Many times, we find ourselves with feelings we don't quite understand or have difficulty processing. A lot of those feelings can be worked out with the right kind of critical thinking. In this video, Thomas has been feeling bad and doesn't quite know why. The Sides are pointing fingers and there's no end in sight. It's time to solve the problem by approaching it from a new angle! Hope you all enjoy!!

A HUGE thank you to my amazing friend and co-writer, Joan, for helping to make this video possible! We couldn't have done it without their puppet designs, contributions to this script, AND the writing of the song! Also, an ENORMOUS thank you to Adam Kreutinger, who helped create all the amazing puppets featured in this video! And a GIGANTIC thank you to Nate Begle for puppeteering all of the characters in today's video! A TITANIC thank you to my friend, Jamahl, for helping to arrange the song Joan created, as well as playing piano and bass for the song, "Incomplete"! Also, a BIG thank you to Brendan Sweeney for contributing the horn you heard in the song, "Incomplete"! And, of course, a GINORMOUS thank you to Foti for recording, adding drums to, and mixing "Incomplete"! Another awesome job to him! Also, GARGANTUAN thanks to my friend, Quil, for helping to direct some of the scenes for the video! Also, a thank you to my friends, AJ, Kenny, and Talyn, for assisting in the puppeteering of the final shot! Also, a thank you to Talyn for pitching the idea of a Sanders Sides puppet episode, as well as adding the little paws to Patton's sweater!”


  • This is the first video in which Thomas and his core sides have appeared in the same frame. Logan, Roman, Patton and Virgil were in their puppet form to make this possible.
  • The argument between Roman and Logan is not in the transcript, and is on a different page instead.

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