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Remus Sanders
Main information
Name Remus Sanders
Also Known As: See list of nicknames
Moniker (Moniker)
Associated with Intrusive thoughts, disturbing imagery, religious language
First Revealed: 25th June 2019, Dealing with INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS
Name Revealed: 25th June 2019, Dealing with INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS (See Trivia)
Likes: Eating deodorant, disturbing others
Dislikes: Being called scary, his plans being foiled

Remus Sanders (previously known as The Duke) is Thomas' sixth Side and the second Dark Side revealed. He represents the dark side of Thomas' creativity and imagination, the reflection of his "twin" Roman Sanders.


Remus wears a sparkly Stuart era duke outfit in black and green - the shadow color of red. The costume is accented with horror elements such as human teeth and an eyeball. He has a silver quiff in his hair, a curly mustache, and bruise-colored eye makeup.


Much like Roman, Remus is prone to reckless words and behavior. He himself says that there is no rhyme or reason to what [he] do[es]; [he] just do[es]! He craves attention, and being ignored or (figuratively) dressed down drives him to act even more chaotically.

Overall, Remus is a proudly demented character. His first appearance is defined largely by making the other sides and Thomas uncomfortable by pulling the topic of conversation to obscene subjects such as brutal violence and/or sexual acts.

He's also by far the most physically violent side: while Virgil threatens and intimidates, and Janus employs emotional manipulation, Remus knocks Roman unconscious with a morningstar in his debut, and later assaults Logan with a shuriken and his own teeth. He has no qualms against physically attacking people to get his way, or just because [he's] unpredictable like that.

Somewhat paradoxically, Remus seems deeply offended when Thomas calls him "scary". This suggests that Remus' main desire is for Thomas to implement his brand of creativity, and antagonizing the other sides is an (appreciated) side effect. Or because, as Logan says, the Duke only has power over [Thomas] because Virgil and Patton believe that he does.

In contrast to Janus, who lies almost constantly, Remus is honest to the extreme, going so far as revealing his name the same episode he first appears. This is because he represents pure, unfiltered thought, including the harsh truth.

Remus' speech is peppered with religious references such as Cain and Abel, the tree of knowledge, and even says that [he] was the unloved brother from the Genesis. This is because part of him stems from Thomas' Catholic upbringing and religious guilt.

One of Remus' hobbies is eating deodorant. You can see him doing this multiple times in Dealing with INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS.


His name is derived from the name of Romulus' brother Remus whom the former killed before founding the Roman empire. This was confirmed to by Thomas in a public live stream on July 4th.



Remus is described as like Roman's "twin" by Logan, and when that is said, Remus states that he and Roman are like Cain and Abel. When Roman awakens Remus says that Thomas should make his videos but hold the Roman lettuce (meaning keep Roman out of them) because he'll make Thomas "sick," and most of his actions toward Roman in Dealing with INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS are negative.


Remus and Virgil have an unknown pre-established relationship, as Virgil clearly recognizes Remus upon his first appearance in Dealing with INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS. Remus speaks to Virgil in a familiar manner and pokes fun at him, even stating that seeing him was just like old times. However, Remus also goads Virgil by saying he could never stop being the bad guy after Logan points out Virgil's reactions are a source of Thomas' lack of sleep, and also stares at Virgil after revealing his name and stating to Thomas that [he] would never hide anything from you.


Patton and Remus rarely interact, but whenever they do it is shown that Patton wants nothing to do with him. He encourages Thomas to shut [him] down after Remus mentions Jeffery Dahmer, and Logan himself says that he's being too strict and causing Thomas to lose sleep. Patton is also likely the reason Remus is viewed as a "dark side" in the first place, descrbing his thoughts as horrible.


Similar to the other sides Remus and Logan seem to be at odds. That is most likely because they are polar opposites. Logan is logical and orderly Remus is chaotic and unpredictable like that. They seem to be at odds more than Patton and Roman, as Remus assaults Logan twice with a shuriken and his own teeth. In the episode Working THROUGH Intrusive Thoughts, Remus is constantly trying to foil Logan's plans for Thomas' day, even though he fails every time. However, before he sinks out he successfuly provokes Logan, causing his eyes to glow orange in rage.


Remus tries to summon Janus during Dealing with INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS. He also makes reference to him during the musical sequence for his song, where he sings that . There is a somewhat established relationship between the two, acting like an orderly and yet chaotic duo. Janus mentions Remus in Putting Others First, saying to Roman that he thank[s] god [he] do[es]n't have a mustache. Otherwise between [him] and Remus, [he] wouldn't know who the evil twin is. We also see them playing on Patton's DDR together in the Mind Palace in Have I Grown?, the 5 year anniversary episode of Sander Sides.


List of nicknames

Note: These quotes may be wrongly attributed. If you see one that is wrongly attributed, please make note of it at the talk page.

  • The Duke
  • Dukey
  • Certain Pottymouth in the Room


  • He is the first Side to reveal their name in the same video they appeared in. As he stated himself, [he] doesn't ever hide anything. As such, he is also the first Side to have their name day and their debut to be the same date.
  • Remus is the first Side to have facial hair.
  • Remus' quote color is different from the one used in his infobox, as the bright green was deemed too harsh on the eyes to be used in a filled colorblock. He is so far the only one to have this.
  • Although the exact machinations of birthdays pertaining to the Sides are unknown since they are not human and cannot be literally born, Thomas confirmed Remus's as being June 25th, as it is the date that he firstly appeared.
    • Despite being Roman’s twin brother, they don’t share the same birthday. This ties in to their inhuman nature.
  • Remus' sigil is on his backside.
    • Remus' sigil is a sword to oppose Roman's sigil being a shield. It also features a moon instead of the sun that is featured on Roman's sigil.
  • Remus is apparently allergic to soap, but is usually unaffected by physical pain. It is unknown if this is shared by the other sides or by Thomas.
  • Remus can hide in walls, as seen in Have I Grown?. It is currently unclear whether this is an ability, and if it is, if it is exclusive to him or if other Sides are also capable of it.

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