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Patton: You can pretend on the outside *burps* excuse me.

Joan: *laughs*

Patton: thats going into the next blooper complation-

Joan: whoa..

Patton: The next bloop- burp montage.

Joan: I like that.

Patton: *laughs*

Joan: When you're trying to riff about a blooper and you MESS up. This is the new start of the next bloopers.

Patton: uh oh, cue intro! *laughs*


Thomas: What is up everybody! Wow, its good to say that again. Gosh, its been awhile. Yes, its another bloopers video, we weren't gonna bring it to you this soon, but there's been enough demand for the bloopers for the Intrusive Thoughts video that we were like, why the heck not! We also decided to throw in the bloopers from Are There Healthy Distractions. Couple of things before we get going, this is a good example of the things you will see on our second channel, Thomas Sanders and Friends. If you enjoy our scripted content and like behind the scenes stuff like this, you should go over to our second channel and subscribe if you haven't already. Also, apart from the bloopers, we decided to include a little special extra something so, I'm just gonna leave it at that, and I hope that you watch all the way through, and I hope you enjoy it. One last thing, yes of course, there is some censored potty language and potty humor behind and in front of the camera, so there is my warning to you all! Alright! Now, without further ado, I give you...ze bloopers!

(camera shows Logan sitting on the couch)

Logan: Alright. *sits down* DEH *bursts into laughter*

Joan: *laughing* Great.

(camera shows Virgil, Patton, Thomas and Remus)

Patton: YAY!

Virgil: *makes weird noise*

Remus: oh

Thomas: *also makes weird noise*

Patton: Oh I spilled my imaginary drink!

Logan: I think thats a take!

One of Thomas's friends: Oooooh!

Joan: We're runnin-

Thomas: WE RUNNIN!

Joan: We're rollin.

Thomas: WE ROLLIN!

Thomas *as viking* : It will all be waitin for ya here...Are you ready kids?!

Thomas: Of course they would stay in my head! *Joan walks behind him during take*

Joan: Sorry.

Thomas: *burst out laughing*

Joan: That's a bloop.

Thomas: Thats a bloop!

Virgil: Your most extreme reaction, is an eyebrow raise, is an oi brow raise..

Joan: Oi!

Virgil: Oi!

Joan: Oi Logan get the f*ck out o here!

Virgil: *laughs*

Logan: *in duke voice* Yes, only Arthur was able to remove Excaliber.

Joan: We're not playing the duke yet. *Remus's theme plays*

Remus: Watch me get behind this f*cking tv! Hold up..

Joan: Careful.

Remus: Hold up...*makes noises while corny music plays*

Joan: Uh Oh.. *is steadying the tv*

Remus: No, shut up...*gets behind* Look ma, I'm on tv!

Roman: Ok, ok, I take back what I said about ghosts!

Remus: *whacks him on the head with mace*

Roman: *falls on the ground*

Virgil: *gasps*

Thomas: *looks frightened*

Patton: You killed him! ...Roman is DEAD! *laughs* Cut to black, that's the end of the episode.

Virgil: seven thousand and sixtien...sixtien *laughs*

Joan: Sixtien! *laughs*

Thomas: Sixtien! *still laughing*

Remus: You wanna rock the cradle in the tree top? I don't know why I sounded like Stewie..

Remus: *Stewie impression* Rock the cradle in the tree top?

Thomas: Are you my side thats obsessed with butts?

Joan: Are you my butt side?

Thomas: Are you my butt side, cause I always thought I might have one of those.

Patton: Yeah, your b-hole *laughs*That's ridiculous!

Patton: Your poop chute needs to stay zipped up- *laughs*

Patton: Your Pooper-*laughs again*

Joan: Oh my God!

Patton: Your brown maker-*laughs again*

Patton: Yeah, your b-hole needs to stay zipped up- *laughs*

Patton: I'm a b-butthole *giggles*

Virgil: I hate all of this. This is my L. This is a nightmare's nightmare, by the way. Eh you already know that.

Thomas: Try ta-*laughs* give it a try!

Thomas: *trys to stand up and starts coughing* Roman! *coughing*

Roman: erh eh a-*coughs and drinks water*

Joan: You poor thing.

Logan: Well, how are you doing right now?