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[Thomas]: -to the tune of Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley- ♪ Neville gonna give you up, Neville gonna let you down, Neville gonna turn around and for- ♪

[Joan]: -offscreen- -points a wand at Thomas- Petrificus Totalus!

[Thomas]: -instantly freezes and falls backward-


[Thomas]: What is up, everybody?! Goodness, can you believe how far through this year we've already gotten? Summer is basically over, school is starting back up here in America, and Halloween is just around the corner!

[Logan]: -pops up- Ah, Halloween. Is that the reason for your new, um... plum-pigmented pili?

[Thomas]: Logan, look at YOU with the purple hair! It is very becoming.

[Logan]: Becoming a nuisance? Is that what you were trying to say? How is anyone meant to take me seriously when your head looks like Barney's unshaven armpit?

[Thomas]: Nah, I like it, and it's not for Halloween by the way.

[Logan]: Just to make me look foolish then, huh, Thomas? Well, congratulations on graduating to full-time clown. -sarcastically claps-

[Patton]: -pops up- Congratulations on the cool colorful crown!

[Logan]: Yeah... Well, your sincere, congratulatory remark recolors my sardonic slight and makes it appear sincere. Let it be known I do not like the hair.

[Thomas]: You know, for some reason, not surprised that you like it, Patton.

[Patton]: Whatever makes you happy, I see a little peri-twinkle in your iris. Two different pur- shades of purple.

[Roman]: -pops up- It is a brilliant iridescent display! Though I still say you could have gone with even MORE colors. Full rainbow next time!

[Patton]: -gasps-

[Logan]: Awful idea.

[Thomas]: Oh, I'm already full rainbow all the time. AH!

[Roman]: What? You did not! Anyway, where's Virgil? I wanna see what good ol' "Panic! At The Everywhere" has to say about this.

[Patton]: -gasps- Yes!

[Thomas]: -chuckles- Oh, yeah. He definitely does have something to say. -in a little baby voice- Virgil, you wanna come out? Mm, come out this way and see what people think of the hair?

[Virgil]: -pops up- Mmm....

[Roman]: YASS BOI. Get it.

[Patton]: YESS! -snaps fingers-

[Thomas]: Hey, dude... That's... I don't know why I said that... What do yo- what do you have to say?

[Virgil]: Look, you know me by now, you know I'm gonna have some concerns.

[Thomas]: And that's ok. What's up?

[Virgil]: It's just, you don't know what people are thinking, or saying, about it.

[Thomas]: Yeah, I will always have that little bit of nervousness about what people think of my appearance, colored hair or not, but... Honestly, I'm happy with the change up.

[Patton]: If you're looking for a reason Logan, it makes Thomas happy! And isn't good mental health an important reason?

[Logan]: -inhales- -reluctantly- ...YEAH.

[Roman]: It certainly helps me think of a few new possibilities for the great selfie games.

[Virgil]: And, I guess there is sort of a, uh... dark edginess to it. Like... one of those... Crayola crayon... Halloween packs.

[Roman]: THAT is your standard for dark edginess?

[Virgil]: I-I don't know! I'm just trying not to bring the group down here.

[Patton]: -emotional- You only help to lift me up, you sweet and sour misunderstood shadowling.

[Virgil]: ...What?

[Thomas]: Shh- e, hmm, just nod and agree. He has a lot of love to give.

[Virgil]: Well, all I'm saying is... Thomas, in your past it's been far easier to just blend in. When you make yourself stand out like this, yeah, it CAN be good, but a lot of times... it can be... not so good.

[Logan]: He's trying not to be harsh so as not to be too distressing, but he is the source of your anxiety. This is odd. HE is odd.

[Thomas]: Logan...

[Logan]: BUT, he does have a point. Might one's effort to find happiness in unique self-expression lead to the unhappy result of being the odd one out?

[Thomas]: I mean yeah, I see the concern, but I-I don't think that should keep us from taking that risk. If it's not hurting me or others, sometimes being the odd one out can be... fun.

[Virgil]: Speak for yourself. Being the odd one out was my whole presence here, and it was not fun.

[Roman]: AHA! That is the crux of this issue. Virgil is a little too familiar with rejection and has had his fill.

[Virgil]: What? No!

[Roman]: He doesn't realize that sometimes standing out can feel outstanding! And I would know.

[Thomas]: Oh. Well, shoot. Maybe we need to make you feel included, as a valued part of me, so that you don't feel wrong for being different.

[Logan]: Roman that was... astute.

[Roman]: I know!

[Logan]: And you used the word iridescence earlier. You are on a clever streak today, which is unusual for you.

[Roman]: I know- Wait, what?

[Patton]: TONKS!

[Roman]: -holding a katana- GOSH! I literally almost took your whole face out.

[Thomas]: Patton, you now have our attention.

[Patton]: That's what your hair reminds me of! Nymphadora Tonks, the metamorphmagous from Harry Potter!

[Logan]: Okay, both of you with your big words today. Stealing my thing... No big deal.


[Roman]: DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE?! Right? R- Are- Is that what you were quoting from like Dumbledore from the fourth movie like, what was that? It was such a weird line translation from the book to the-the mov-... No?

[Thomas]: Uh, it was more of a Harry Potter-themed idea I had just now, but that was um... That was great.

[Roman]: Aww... I know.

[Thomas]: Virgil, Harry Potter was this amazing book series that combined magic and fantasy and giant trolls and like troll bogies...

[Virgil]: Yeah, I know what Harry Potter is.

[Thomas]: BUT it also gave us this really cool system that helps us figure out where we fit in.

[Patton]: Oh, I can SORT of see where you're going with this Thomas.

[Thomas]: HATS off to you, Patton. Ehhh—

[Patton]: -in a low, serious voice- Aragog, a ginormous spider in the Harry Potter universe.

[Thomas]: Wait, what? No-

[Patton]: He's bold, he's terrifying, and no matter where we all fit in... we are all his prey.

[Thomas]: That... was NOT where I was going with that, Patton, but point well made.

[Patton]: He must be stopped.

[Thomas]: Hogwarts houses! In the books, the students get sorted into four different Hogwarts houses based off of the qualities that they exhibit.

[Patton]: Oh, that makes more sense.

[Logan]: Oh, ok, so you're saying this magical, some may say nonsensical, talking head-wear sorting system could be of use to us?

[Thomas]: Well, although simply being a device in the books, people reading them also began to be curious as to where they may be sorted if they went to Hogwarts, and a lot of Harry Potter house quizzes started appearing online. It sort of helped to promote this idea that we may be different, but we're all valued and important and all part of the same school.

[Logan]: But the school's not real.

[Roman]: It's a metaphor, Erlyn Mire trash.

[Patton]: Oh! SCHOOL him! -quietly- Don't be mean though.

[Roman]: Fantasy worlds are my jam, bro ham.

[Logan]: Listen, I'm just doing my best over here.

[Roman]: BOOM.

[Logan]: Eh, guys...

[Virgil]: So, what's the plan here?

[Thomas]: We're gonna sort you!

[Virgil]: Sort me?

[Thomas]: Well, sure, I myself am a Hufflepuff, but you all are different facets of my personality with different strengths and weaknesses. It may take some discussion, but I am sure that we can thoughtfully deduce where each of yo-

[Roman]: -points to himself- GRYFFINDOR... -cuts to Patton- HUFFLEPUFF... -cuts to Logan- RAVENCLAW... -cuts to Virgil- SLYTHERIN. There we go! End of Sanders Sides video! -to camera- Until next time, everyone. -sinks down-

[Patton]: -softly- Oh, yay! -sinks down-

[Logan]: Thank God. -sinks down-


[Logan & Roman]: -pop back up-

[Patton]: -pops back up, biting his lip-

[Virgil]: Why am I a Slytherin? What are the qualifications?

[Roman]: Well, you're the... you're the dark and sinister one.

[Thomas]: Pump the BRAKES, Princey! That is not what qualifies a Slytherin!

[Roman]: Well, all the other houses are definitely taken by us so it's the only one he could possibly fit into.

[Thomas]: And that is a great example of what we are NOT going to do with Virgil.

[Logan]: Okay look, fantasy is not my jam. My jam of choice -pulls up a jar of jam- is Crofter's. And this video isn't even sponsored. I'm just a fan. Crofter's, the only jelly I will put in my belly.

[Thomas]: ...What... was that?

[Roman]: Yeah, I mean, -pulls up his own jar of jam and a spoonful of jam in the other hand- I love me a spoonful of Crofter's, but that was a little out of left field, Logan. -eats the jam-


[Logan]: -tosses the jar- Fruit spreads aside, I've done some thinking on this fantasy organization process this, eh Dobby decimal system.

[Roman]: Nice.

[Logan]: Thanks. Whether or not the result of these quizzes that determine which Hogwarts house one belongs to are authentic, they can reinforce someone's sense of self. So, if this is necessary to help Virgil feel better about himself, then I support it. With that said, let's break down these houses, shall we?

[Thomas]: Sure. You, uh, you have Gryffindor.

[Roman]: The brave ones!

[Thomas]: Well, yeah, but that's an oversimplification. They're also determined and chivalrous.

[Virgil]: -half whispering- And this is the one Roman thinks he's in?

[Roman]: Eh, doy.

[Thomas]: Then there's Ravenclaw, typically known as the wise and clever ones.

[Logan]: Ah, that is me, isn't it?

[Roman]: The ones who think they're smarter than everyone else.

[Logan]: Well, I don't think I'm smarter than everyone else... I KNOW I'm smarter than everyone else.

[Roman]: -deep sigh-

[Thomas]: Then there's Hufflepuff, the loyal and friendly ones.

[Patton]: -in a high-pitched voice- Oh, is that what you think of me, Roman?

[Roman]: I mean, yeah, you're the softest little puffball we got, Padre.

[Virgil]: You don't have to be mean to him—


[Roman]: See?

[Thomas]: And then there is Slytherin who yes, get a rep in the books for being the bad guys, but, they're mainly known for being ambitious, cunning, strong leaders.

[Virgil]: But that... that's not me.

[Roman]: Ye- no. Hmm... What the heckity heck? Five abs and one pec!

[Logan]: What a visual.

[Thomas]: What was that?

[Roman]: Just a little something I like to say when I'm confused so that I'm not alone in my confusion, see, it works. Virgil is not a Slytherin!

[Patton]: Aw, darn... It was so close to being perfect.

[Virgil]: Oh, sorry to ruin that for you.

[Logan]: You didn't ruin anything.

[Patton]: If you keep talking bad about yourself, I am going to physically fight you!

[Thomas]: No, no, that is the opposite of helpful, Patton.

[Patton]: -aggressively- Nobody talks about my child like that.

[Thomas]: Ok, o-ok buddy.

[Patton]: -stares intently at Virgil and gestures that he's watching him-

[Thomas]: They are right though, Anxiety. I mean, this is why I think this is a good exercise. Maybe this will help me to look at my aspects from different angles. Maybe it's not so simple.

[Roman]: -rubbing his temples- Ugh... Why is it never simple?

[Logan]: Yes, for instance, you Roman sound more like a Slytherin.

[Roman]: -a Slytherin cap appears on his head- What? I do not!

[Logan]: Oh, so you don't think you're a strong leader? You don't think you're cunning?

[Roman]: I'm not evil!

[Virgil]: Says who?

[Thomas]: Slytherins are not all evil. Ok? Let's just get rid of that idea right now.

[Roman]: But... Voldemort...

[Patton]: -hushed- Don't say his name!

[Roman]: -looking hard at Logan and sneering- Well, Patton seems more like a Ravenclaw to me.

[Patton]: -a Ravenclaw cap appears on his head- Ooh, it's blue.

[Logan]: Umm... That doesn't follow at all.

[Patton]: Indubiously.

[Roman]: Well, he's always the one coming up with those witty puns.

[Logan]: You call those witty?

[Patton]: Well, you call those glasses?

[Logan]: I mean yes, I'm not sure if you're implying some—

[Patton]: Well, I don't think they'll pick up, they don't have a cell phone! ZING! -laughs-

[Logan]: -deeply exhales- Ok, I-I'm gonna walk that off for a second.

[Thomas]: There it is. Good. See, this is what I mean by rethinking qualities.

[Patton]: Logan seems more like a Gryffindor!

[Logan]: -a Gryffindor cap appears on his head and he storms back into position- You see! Patton makes statements like that, and you think HE is a Ravenclaw?!

[Roman]: Uh, why is that now, Patton?

[Patton]: Because he's my hero. -swooning-

[Logan]: -clapping with each syllable- We get it. You're adorable.

[Thomas]: Yeah, Patton may have a point. I mean, Hermione was a Gryffindor and she was the smartest of them all. Gryffindors are also known to have short tempers, which I think could apply to both of you.

[Roman]: OH, SHUT UP!


[Virgil]: Ah, I did not miss that.

[Logan]: Gryffindors are self-righteous and arrogant.

[Roman]: Oh, ok, Patton, I wasn't totally convinced before, but maybe Logan IS a Gryffindor.

[Virgil]: I do see that.

[Patton]: Right?

[Logan]: -flustered- Also they are impulsive and have no regard for the rules, does that sound like me? And ALSO that would, what? Leave Anxiety as Hufflepuff?

[Virgil]: -a Hufflepuff cap appears on his head-

[Thomas]: Y- I mean you don't all have to be in different houses.

[Patton]: Oh, bu- w- w-, ah wo- w-, well, wouldn't that be nifty?

[Virgil]: How would I be a Hufflepuff?

[Patton]: You are hard working.

[Roman]: Working hard to make Thomas parano-VIGILANT. Paranovigilant. D'you like that? I just made that word up just now! I'm basically Shakespeare! Uh...

[Virgil]: I don't work that hard.

[Patton]: OH! Hufflepuffs are also modest.

[Virgil]: Less modest, more self-deprecating.

[Patton]: What's that?

[Virgil]: I talk bad about myself.

[Patton]: I will physically fight you!

[Logan]: Hufflepuffs are also known to be honest, and you certainly keep things 100.

[Thomas]: That was nice, Logan.

[Patton]: Yup. Honest, patient, and impartial.

[Virgil]: Impartial?

[Patton]: Yep, they tend to not take sides unless given good reason to.

[Virgil]: -laughs- One thing that I am not in this group is impartial. I am always bringing up the cons to anything you guys talk about.

[Thomas]: Oh, I mean, I don't think that's exactly what Patton meant.

[Virgil]: I don't know. Plus, I'm hardly patient.

[Thomas]: No biggie, if that's not what you feel you are...

[Patton]: We can keep this magical mishmash going. Prince can be Hufflepuff!

[Roman]: -his red sash is replaced with a yellow Hufflepuff scarf, the cap disappears* Ok, but this sorting has to make SOME sense.

[Patton]: Cedric Diggory was a Hufflepuff and he was a tri-wizard champion... -quietly- before he died.

[Roman]: -mumbling- So was Harry and HE was a Gryffindor.

[Thomas]: And Hufflepuffs are said to make the best companions.

[Roman]: -intrigued- ...In a romantic sense?

[Thomas]: Why not?

[Patton]: They're also particularly good finders.

[Virgil]: And you are very good at finding new ways to insult me.

[Roman]: -mildly offended/worried- Nooo, hey!

[Virgil]: Not this time around. Relax, I noticed the effort, you're good.

[Roman]: -relieved- Whew! Ok. Well, Logan... you COULD be the Slytherin of the group.

[Logan]: -His tie is replaced with a green striped one, the cap disappears- Ooh, I actually understand that. Cunning, resourceful, a strong leader—

[Patton]: A disregard for the rules.

[Logan]: W-Wait, wait, what? No, that- that's Gryffindor.

[Thomas]: It is Gryffindor, but it's also Slytherin. Dumbledore did say that that was a trait Salazar Slytherin valued; a certain disregard for the rules.

[Logan]: That was a Gryffindor talking about a Slytherin. I spy an obvious bias.

[Thomas]: Ok, but it was Severus Snape who said that Gryffindors have no regard for the rules, so, hey. Maybe they both do, maybe just one does, maybe they both don't. We could do this all day so let's just move on.

[Virgil]: Patton could be Gryffindor.

[Patton]: -his polo is replaced with a red striped one, the cap disappears* -gasp- -whispered- Ooooh, I look like a pirate!

[Roman]: Explain.

[Logan]: Please.

[Virgil]: I don't know, he's Thomas' heart, he just seems like the most impulsive and reckless at times. I mean, we're constantly working to rein him in.

[Thomas]: -points to Virgil- Good point! See, that was a really good point to you. Also, valid argument, Virgil.

[Patton]: Alright, so you must be... a Ravenclaw.

[Virgil]: -his shirt is replaced with a blue one which says "Wise", the cap disappears- I mean maybe...

[Logan]: If anyone else here was going to be Ravenclaw... I would think it would be you.

[Roman]: You are definitely a bit eccentric.

[Patton]: You're the common sense we need.

[Thomas]: You cause me to think through all possible outcomes to any given situation.

[Patton]: You've always been a savvy Sybill Trelawney.

[Virgil]: I suppose, but... I don't know, I'm just the one who points out the problems. Ravenclaws are the ones who are innovative enough to actually solve the problems.

[Thomas]: What are you talking about? You've done that before.

[Virgil]: By accident. Or by drawing upon information that you already knew.

[Thomas]: So... You're saying that one's also an... uncomfortable fit?

[Virgil]: I don't think it fully sums me up.

[Roman]: Ugh... Perhaps you're right. We've found certain traits that we can relate to, but... maybe it's best we stick with where we feel most comfortable.

[Logan]: Well... If we went solely by that, -his tie changes back and he stands in a Ravenclaw robe- then this seems the most accurate to me.

[Patton]: -his polo changes back and he stands in a Hufflepuff robe- This feels the most right for me!

[Roman]: -his sash changes back and he stands in a Gryffindor robe- Yeah, no surprise here you guys, ah!

[Thomas]: Virge? How you feelin'?

[Virgil]: I'm not sure...

[Roman]: Well, uh, they don't all have to be different. Uh... Does Gryffindor feel best for you?

[Virgil]: -his shirt changes back and he stands in a Gryffindor robe- One thing I feel I'm not is reckless.

[Roman]: Ah, fair point.

[Virgil]: -he stands in a Hufflepuff robe- I'm not impartial, and frankly, not very friendly.

[Patton]: -mouths- I will fight you.

[Virgil]: -he stands in a Ravenclaw robe- I'm a problem identifier, but not a problem solver.

[Logan]: *goes to correct him but then stops*

[Virgil]: -he stands in a Slytherin robe- And then there is what everyone expects me to be... But I don't feel like an ambitious, cunning, leader. I feel more like a play it safe evasive worrier... So what does this mean? Ugh, I went into this hoping it would make better sense of it all, but... now I'm even more confused than ever.

[Thomas]: So, you don't quite fit into any of the houses perfectly, big deal! You know who could have been in Slytherin OR Gryffindor? Harry freaking Potter!

[Logan]: Hermione was going to be in Ravenclaw, but exemplified Gryffindor traits more.

[Patton]: Neville wanted to be in Hufflepuff because he didn't see the Gryffindor traits in himself at all!

[Roman]: You guys are making me feel really good about my house, thank you!

[Thomas]: Point is, there are examples of people who toe the line between multiple categories, and they fit however they wanna fit.

[Virgil]: But I don't fit, that's the thing.

[Patton]: Says who?

[Logan]: You can be a Ravenclaw with Hufflepuff tendencies, you could be a Slytherin with Gryffindor tendencies... No, wait, no, not that one.

[Patton]: You can be Raphael AND Donatello!

[Logan]: Well, that's mixing metaphors, let's not confuse the issue.

[Roman]: A water bender AND an earth bender!

[Logan]: O-only if you were the Avatar, I thought we were talking about Harry Potter-

[Thomas]: You're a Greyjoy... and you're a Stark.

[Logan]: Thomas, you don't even watch Game of Thrones! H-how do you-?!

[Roman]: You should though, it's so good.

[Thomas]: Yeah, I've heard.

[Virgil]: I think I'm getting it guys. It's just I wish that I was a little bit more simple to understand.

[Thomas]: Oh, who wants that? No one is or should be that simple. I mean, just the fact that my Hufflepuff self is comprised of so many aspects and passions is amazing. Figuring yourself out should be an adventure. And in the meantime, don't be afraid to stand out a little. Embrace your differences. Heck, I dyed my hair this saucy shade of sangria for a change and I like feeling a bit unique. Hopefully, you can too.

[Virgil]: -sighs- ...Well... -his robe disappears- Then I'm not picking a house. I don't need to belong to a specific Hogwarts house... in order to belong with you guys.

[Patton]: AAAAAAAAAW! I'm proud of you.

[Roman]: TEN POINTS TO um... Guh, Virgil!

[Logan]: -taking off his robe- That was an option? I didn't have to participate in that at all?

[Roman]: Say, Thomas, your hair and these emblems have given me an idea.

[Thomas]: Roman, make it work... -quietly- Project Runway...

[Roman]: -taking off his robe- I say we go through a bit of a change too.

[Patton]: -taking off his robe- Ooh, how?

[Logan]: If you say Mind Palace again, we haven't even been BACK to the one you created in a long—

[Roman]: -turns around in a fancier version of his outfit with gold trims and his logo on his sleeves- Hm!

[Logan]: Oh, that's nice.

[Patton]: Oh, new emblem thingy.

[Thomas]: Aw, Prince 2.0 my goodness.

[Patton]: Your shoulders were so boring to look at before.

[Roman]: Yeah, it's just a bit of a change, but I thought it would be nice.

[Logan]: Well, I suppose I could also participate, but I'm not gonna go as ornate or elaborate, I would just look silly.

[Roman]: I set the bar too high for you, that's ok.

[Logan]: -clears his throat and reveals a new tie, very similar to the last one, and a new logo on his shirt- There. Nice, simple logo change, clear and to the point.

[Patton]: Hey, Logan! -reveals a new logo on his shirt and a onesie wrapped around his shoulders- Matching logos!

[Logan]: That's... very nice, Patton.

[Patton]: Mine is a HEART with glasses.

[Logan]: Stealing my logo. No big deal.

[Roman]: What's going on with your cardigan?

[Logan]: Is that your cat onesie?

[Patton]: Maaaybe? -pulls up a hood to reveal it is indeed his cat onesie-

[Logan]: Ugh, that will not suffice.

[Patton]: UGH! -begrudgingly takes the onesie off- You never let me do anything fun!

[Roman]: Figure it out buddy, maybe something different for next time.

[Patton]: -wraps the cardigan back on- Virgil, your turn!

[Virgil]: Oh, my goodness, do I have to? I mean, like, so many changes... I just told you my name.

[Roman]: No, no you DON'T have to, I just thought-

[Virgil]: I actually, agh... I actually had this idea, but, like... it's a little out there. So, um...

[Thomas]: Go ahead, I mean if you don't like it, you can always change back.

[Virgil]: -sighs- Well, alright, but um... Before I do, I should probably confess that uh... -he appears in a purple shirt with an elaborately designed purple patchwork hoodie with his logo- I actually really dig the purple.


[Logan]: That design...

[Thomas]: Get on his level.

[Patton]: -coughing fit-

[Roman]: You good, Patton?

[Patton]: I got overexcited...

[Logan]: Well, I will say this much, that is a jacket.

[Roman]: That is... magnificent... how you've managed to become even angstier.

[Virgil]: Oh-kay...

[Roman]: No no no, if that's what you want to... uh, rock, then you... rock it, sir! Who needs a Hogwarts house when you have your own hog-wild style... I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

[Virgil]: Yeah, it is, uh, pretty Hog-wild... -shakes his head-

[Logan]: Wonderful. I hope that you feel a little bit more like a part of this group, Virgil.

[Virgil]: I- uh, I do.

[Logan]: I'd say that we can call it a day if we're done swapping looks. -sinks out-

[Roman]: And talking books. -sinks out-

[Logan]: -pops back up- I prefer reading in a nook. -sinks out again-

[Roman]: -pops back up- That response has me shook. -sinks out again-

[Patton]: Would you look at the time on the... clook. -sinks out-

[Thomas]: Patton, the video is about doing your own thing. So- don't... do what they're doing- Honestly. Anyway, great new style, Virgil.

[Virgil]: Pfft. Thanks. Now I feel as big of a weirdo as the rest of these guys.

[Thomas]: That's good, you fit right in!

[Virgil]: Ah, I saw what you did there, a nice, little "bring it around full circle". That was cute. -sinks out-

[Thomas]: Yeah, I couldn't help myself. -to viewers- If any of you feel like you don't fit in, that is ok. It's also ok if, whatever Hogwarts house you identify with doesn't perfectly embody you as an individual. There are many ways to look at ourselves and figuring ourselves out can be an ongoing thing for many of us. Try to embrace the mystery that you are. All the things that help you to relate to others, and all the things that make you stand out. Until next time, take it easy, guys, gals, and non-binary pals. PEACE OUT!

*new scene*

[Thomas]: Before we enter the end card, just letting you know, if any of those little logos at the end of the video interested you, we now have them in shirt form. Also, in hoodie form, tank top, pins, buttons. If any of these things interest you, you can go to this website down here or click that link right over there. Uh, any support would be great, it would help us to make future videos, but if not, don't feel obligated. No big deal. Just you guys watching is support enough, so thank you so much.

*end card*

[Patton]: -wearing all the Hufflepuff things- Hey, do you think that we can wear the new stuff and the Harry Potter stuff, like, all the time?

[Logan]: -wearing all the Ravenclaw things- It seems a bit excessive.

[Virgil]: -wearing Slytherin tie- It's not my house, but purple and green seem to go together, right?

[Roman]: -wearing all the Gryffindor things- Boy, it's a good thing that all this Harry Potter merchandise is just a figment of Thomas' imagination that he can just freely conjure up!

[Logan]: Oh, I know. Could you imagine how much money one would have to spend in order to have all these things for one simple video?

[Roman]: -laughs-

[Logan]: Humorous. Simply humorous.

[Patton]: -joins laughter-

[Roman]: -laughing- Could you imagine? -continues to laugh-

[Virgil]: -looks directly into the camera and raises his eyebrows-

[Logan]: -eating a spoonful of jam- Mmm... Crofter's.

[Roman]: Oh, my!

[Patton]: That'd be silly.

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Season 2 Fitting In (Hogwarts Houses!) · MOVING ON, Part 1/2: Exploring Nostalgia · MOVING ON, Part 2/2: Dealing With a Breakup · The Sanders Sides 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! · Can LYING Be Good?? · Why Do We Get Out of Bed in the Morning? · Crofters - THE MUSICAL! Learning New Things About Ourselves · EMBARRASSING PHASES: The Nightmare Instead of Christmas! · Selfishness v. Selflessness · Dealing with INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS · Putting Others First - Selfishness v. Selflessness Redux
Sanders Asides Are There Healthy Distractions? · Flirting with Social Anxiety · Working THROUGH Intrusive Thoughts
Extras BLOOPER REEL! · Sanders Sides - BEHIND THE SCENES Q&A! · BLOOPER REEL!! The Bloop Strikes Back! · Behind the Scenes Featurette: Why Do We Get Out of Bed in the Morning? · 5 Sanders Sides Behind the Scenes Facts (Learning New Things About Ourselves)