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We're Getting Mutants in the MCU - The Loop


*Thomas' room; Thomas is asleep. He wakes up and reaches for his phone, reading some text messages that he sent to Nico at four AM. The first message reads: "Hey, sorry it's late. I know we just met, but I could use a friend to chat with. Or date lol jk jk."*

[Thomas]: Oh, God.

*The second message reads: "That was a total joke. It's okay if it's too late to talk." Nico has yet to read the messages.*

[Thomas:] Oh God! And nothing. So, that's great.

[Logan]: -Pops up- Ah, is there anything more refreshing in our little blue world than a new start? Even if it is a late one.

[Thomas]: New start?

[Logan]: Those were the last two words in my sentence, Thomas, you are correct. They were also the 68th and 69th word-

*An off screen chuckle is heard. Logan glances around the room skeptically as Thomas smiles.*

[Logan]: -Hesitantly- The words you used to describe the new daily schedule that we developed together, a schedule that is meant to be instituted today. Just gonna shift this degree a couple of degrees.

[Thomas]: Wait, when did we do that?

[Logan]: Today. At five AM.

[Thomas]: Hm, curse you five AM Thomas, leaving all the real work for two PM Thomas.

[Logan]: Thomas, you are already a very multifaceted person. It might be a little too much if you now have a facet for every hour of the day.

[Thomas]: Well, it's happening! Two PM Thomas is a thing now.

[Logan]: Okay then, does two PM Thomas brush his teeth?

[Thomas]: -Looks over at the bathroom, then back at Logan- Yes. -Tumbles out of bed. A few seconds later, he lays back down- In five more minutes...

[Logan]: Now!

[Thomas]: -Gets up- Fine!

*New scene; bathroom*

[Thomas]: Just out of curiosity, how busy did we plan for today to be?

[Logan]: It was already a little inaccurate to regard today's schedule as the daily schedule, as today you have an inordinate amount of cleaning to do, but you also slept in four hours past when today's schedule was supposed to begin, so we're going to eliminate your breaks and carry out today's myriad of chores with what can only be described as supernatural expediency.

[Thomas]: -Pinching the bridge of his nose- Oh boy.

[Logan]: I know. Isn't this so much fun? -Hands Thomas a list- Now, set these alarms on your phone to keep track.

[Thomas]: Thank you, Logan. Ah, I especially appreciate how you scheduled down to five minute increments.

[Logan]: Ah, don't mention it. You don't have the time. -Leaves-

*Thomas begins setting alarms on his phone for each task. After quite some time, he sets his phone down on the edge of the sink and yawns, grabbing his toothbrush. He starts brushing his teeth. A cut shows Remus setting up a bear trap. Cut back to Thomas brushing his teeth. He looks at himself in the mirror and stops, leaning forward to get a closer look.*

[Thomas]: Oh God. -Touches his face- I look so tired. -Continues looking at himself, frowning.-

*His phone dings, causing it to fall on the floor.*

[Thomas]: No!

*The phone lands. Thomas smacks the sink in frustration, running a hand down his face.*

[Thomas]: Idiot. Please do not be cracked. -Reaches down to search for his phone, blindly feeling around the floor.- Where are you? Oh gosh, this is really gross. -His hand lands in the bear trap, activating it and getting caught. Confused, he stands up, phone in hand- Hm.

*Thomas looks back at the mirror. Slowly, he begins aging, his hair turning grey and his face getting wrinkles. The screen grows white.*

*New scene; Thomas is holding Nico's hands in his in a white void. The two look at each other and smile. Suddenly, Thomas is an old man, and his smile fades. In place of Nico is now Remus, who slowly looks up at Thomas with a smile, the scene behind him is all black. Remus begins laughing. Thomas dissipates into white smoke.*

*End scene; back in the bathroom. The door is closed.*

[Logan]: -From behind the door, approaching- Alright, I heard that alarm, and I'm going to be strict about this today, -Opens the door- so if you're not...

*Thomas is sitting on the toilet, sadly looking down at his phone.*

[Logan]: Thomas, are you okay?

[Thomas]: -Sighs- Mm-hm. -Looks at Logan- Are you okay?

[Logan]: I'm okay. What is not okay, is the number of dirty dishes in your sink. Now, come along, we have one more dish to dirty before we get started. -Leaves-

[Thomas]: Dirty a dish? Oh, breakfast, gotcha. Let me change. -Stands up and leaves the bathroom-

*New scene; Thomas' living room. The whole place is a mess. Thomas walks down the stairs, yawning. He walks into the kitchen and accidentally switches on the garbage disposal instead of the lights, fixing his mistake quickly.*

[Thomas]: This one. You know it's this one.

*Thomas stirs around his porridge and his phone dings. He grabs it and sees that it's a notification reminding him to wash the dishes. Disappointed, he puts it back down.*

[Thomas]: Oh great, okay, it's just the schedule.

[Logan]: -Pops up- I know, look how behind we are. I'm going to need you to pick up the pace a bit. -As Logan talks, a cut shows Remus throwing a screw into Thomas' porridge- You're going warp five, I need at least warp seven.

[Thomas]: i'm giving her all she's got, Captain Kirk.

[Logan]: I'm not a star fleet captain. -Begins sinking out- But if I were, I'd be Jean-Luc Picard.

[Thomas]: -Sits down at the table= Oatmeal, two days in a row. I'm a dang health king.

[Logan]: -Pops up in the kitchen- The nutritional value of oatmeal is just a bonus for today, but the main perk of this late breakfast is that it's instant oatmeal. We don't have time to muck about.

[Remus, off-screen]: -Laughs- Do you know what muck spells backwards?

[Logan]: -Looks around, confused- What?

[Remus, off-screen]: Eh! Wrong as usual. The answer, of course, is kcum.

*Remus' hand pops up and strokes one of the books near Logan. Logan follows the hand and once he sees who it is, he is not amused.*

[Logan]: Oh, it's you.

[Remus]: -Sitting on the floor and touching the wall- You know it's on.

[Logan]: Remus, you couldn't turn anything on if you tried.

[Remus]: Oooh, Logan!

[Logan]: What? Nothing is on except Thomas' and my schedule for the day. -Sips coffee-

[Remus]: Your schedule for the day? Huh. Well, it looks like Thomas... Is double booked! -Shows Logan a To-Do list that reads: "Call Updog, Wash Updog, Take out the Updog, Walk Updog, Organize Updog, Dry clean Updog, Dinner with Updog (can't cancel that again).-

[Logan]: -Looking at the list- Who is updog?

[Remus]: D*mn! So close! Here's the real one.

*Logan looks at the real list and his eyes widen. He sighs, empties out his tumbler, bites off the cork from a wine bottle, pours himself some wine and drinks.*

*Thomas is eating his porridge. Each spoonful he takes narrowly misses the screw, until finally he manages to get it. As he chews, he realises that something is wrong and spits out the food onto a napkin. He finds nothing. He pushes his plate away.*

[Thomas]: I can't eat this.

*Thomas' spoon falls on the roomba, activating it. Remus looks on from behind the couch.*

[Logan]: What's wrong with it?

[Thomas]: I don't- I don't know. That's the problem.

[Logan]: I don't understand.

[Thomas]: What if- What if there's something in it? You know, what if I choke and there's nobody around to help me?

*Meanwhile, the roomba is travelling around the house as Remus watches it.*

[Logan]: Oh, um, I doubt you're going to choke on oatmeal.

[Thomas]: You're not listening! There might be something in the oatmeal, and if I choked, there would be nothing I could do, because I'm all alone! And I'd be screwed. -Hides his face in his hand-

[Logan]: -Takes in a breath- You're right.

[Thomas]: -Looks at Logan, confused- Huh?

[Logan]: That could happen. -Walks off-

*The roomba enters the kitchen.*

[Logan]: -Comes back- So, let's do something else. -Sets a colouring book and some pencils in front of Thomas- You should colour.

[Thomas]: Logan, I'm a grown man. I would love to colour. But I thought you said no breaks.

[Logan]: You are fixating on a situation that is making you feel especially insecure, and that situation is out of your control. Dealing with this messy apartment would make you feel more secure, but it's also stressing you out because there's a lot to do and you don't want to do it. All of that is a perfect recipe for intrusive thoughts, which you aren't particularly well equipped to handle right now, given your low self esteem.

*To Remus' delight, the roomba runs into a tall cardboard box, causing it to fall on some stacked plastic containers that have a knife on top. The knife falls and gets stuck in the garbage disposal. The books from before fall over, switching the garbage disposal on.*

[Logan]: So, instead, you should do something less stressful and completely in your control, like colouring, and by doing that, hopefully you'll be able to let the unpleasant thoughts pass you by.

[Remus]: -Looking at the knife- Yes!

[Thomas]: What about the dishes?

[Logan]: -Sighs- Another time.

*The knife flies out of the garbage disposal and jumps around the apartment, ricocheting off the walls.*

[Thomas]: -Opens the colouring book- If you say so. -Lowers his head and begins colouring as the knife flies over his head and misses him. The knife ends up stabbing Remus in the eye-

[Remus]: AYYYYYY, CHIHUAHUA! -Logan looks over at Remus- Holy sh*t! Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! -Remus stands up- It's got soap on it! -Logan smiles a little- I'm allergic to soap, you b*tch! -Logan adjusts his glasses, and satisfied, he walks off- I don't care about the knife, but the soap!

*Thomas is colouring. His phone dings and he reaches to check it. Yet again, it is a reminder to pick up the mess. He unlocks his phone and looks at the messages he sent Nico. Nico has yet to read them. He sighs and gets up, going to clean his coffee table. Logan is sitting on the couch, reading "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" by Agatha Christie and watching Thomas clean. Remus is shown putting on an eyepatch.*

[Remus]: Make me stab myself in the eye, will you? -Tears off a piece of duct tape- Well, I was a brat before, but now you'll see me at my bratwurst. -Tapes a sausage onto a broomstick with difficulty, taping himself in the process- Sh*t.

[Thomas]: These coffee stains are rough.

*Remus' hand is shown placing a paper roll on a stack of different things on a shelf.*

[Remus]: This isn't over yet. -Grabs some string and moves over to Thomas' glass door which is unlocked- Oh, -Tuts- looks like somebody's not very concerned about home security. -Hooks the string on the door's handle- Well, it looks that way, but I know he is. -Laughs-

*As Thomas cleans, Remus whistles, catching his attention. Thomas turns to look at the glass door.*

[Thomas]: -Walking over to the door- Did I leave the door unlocked all night?

[Logan]: -Looks over- It certainly looks that way. Thankfully, nothing came of it.

[Thomas]: OH GOD! ANYONE COULD HAVE COME IN IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT! -Kneels and covers his mouth, breathing heavily-

[Logan]: -Surprised- ...Yes, well, I suppose that is a possibility, but the statistical probability of crime in this area is very low, you've checked, multiple times.

[Thomas]: -Stands up- Yeah, yeah, true, true. -Quickly turns around to the door and opens it, looking outside cautiously. This causes the string to tense up and shake the shelves from before. The books on the top shelf fall and cause the paper roll to fly off and land on the vacuum, making it fall and land on a pillow with a tennis ball on it. The tennis ball flies up and hits the sausage taped to a broomstick. The broomstick falls over and the sausage lands on a skateboard which starts moving. Once the skateboard comes to an abrupt stop, the hot dog falls off. Nothing happens.-

[Remus, off-screen]: Well, sh*t. -Walks over to the skateboard and the sausage, grumbling. He opens the closet door himself-

*The closet door creaks open and Thomas turns to look at it. Green light is emanating from inside the closet.*

[Logan]: Ah, look, the closet is begging you to be organized. You see, it's a humorous remark, because closets aren't sentient.

*Not listening, Thomas grabs a giant Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Key.*

[Logan]: You knew they weren't sentient, right? Thomas?

*Thomas approaches the closet warily, holding up the giant key. A shadow is seen on the door. There is a masked figure in the closet. Thomas continues approaching, but stops when he sees Nico inside. He reaches towards the door's door knob slowly. A hand taps his shoulder.*

[Thomas]: AHH! -Quickly turns around, ready to wack someone with the key. In front of him is Logan, who effortlessly blocks the blow with one hand. Thomas jumps back- Ohh, Logan, I am so sorry... -Takes in a few breaths- And impressed by your reflexes...

[Logan]: Coffee. Here. -Hands Thomas a puzzle-

[Thomas]: Oops. I did it again.

[Logan]: Remember, in a situation like this, being hard on yourself is counterproductive.

[Thomas]: -Sighs- But this feels counterproductive! Ahh, the Disney princess one I was saving...

[Logan]: -Sighs- Do you remember what cognitive distortions are?

[Thomas]: Uh, yeah, it's when I'm perceiving things differently from how they really are, usually in a bad way.

[Logan]: And one kind of cognitive distortion is maaaa...

[Thomas]: ...Maaad feelings over unlocked doors.

[Logan]: Magnification. You couldn't have possibly thought that was right.

[Thomas]: It was a stab.

[Logan]: Magnifying something, or making things out to be bigger than they actually are, can also sometimes be called catastrophizing, a form of thinking that reacts to an event or experience by imagining how it can lead to a disaster, and that imagining is naturally where intrusive thoughts tend to thrive.

[Thomas]: That's not- Well- Yeah, that's- I- Okay, mm-hm.

[Logan]: I do appreciate your concern for the schedule, but when it comes to intrusive thoughts, you have to give yourself some time. There is no urgency or deadline when it comes to this, so let's give this a bit of a try and we'll move onto laundry in a moment.

[Thomas]: Okay. I'll go dump this on the coffee table. -Walks off-

[Logan]: Ah, the coffee table that you just cleaned. Good. -Follows-

[Thomas]: -Pours the puzzle on the table- Yes!

[Remus]: -Walks near the closet- No! No, you were supposed to go to the closet, open the door, -Opens the door- and be attacked by- -The masked figure from before pops out and begins stabbing Remus repeatedly. The two fall, and blood is sprayed on the stair case- Oh! Ow! Oh! Ow! Motherf*ck! B*tch! F*ck! Ooh! Ow! Ow!

*Logan walks over and looks at the monster. The monster stands up with a growl, lifting its knife. Logan looks at it sternly, squinting his eyes. The monster leaves. Logan looks down at Remus.*

[Logan]: -Sighs- Ah, Remus. It's a real shame you can't learn your lesson.

[Remus]: -Stands up- No but I can! Please teach, give me another chance! Don't flunk me, I don't know what mama's gonna do if I don't get into an Ivy League College!

[Logan]: What?

[Remus]: I'll be better! I'll prove it to you! I'll repent! -Puts on a dunce hat and drags a stool into a corner as he stares at Logan with a sad face. Logan watches unamused. Remus sits on the stool and sighs morosely, covering his face with his hand and looking down-

[Logan]: Okay, well, you do that. -Turns away-

[Remus]: -Singing into the hat- ♪ All by myself! ♪ -Moves the hat near Logan's ear, who is writing on his list- ♪ Won't fix this guy, all by yourself. ♪

[Logan]: -Pushing away the hat- Yes, Remus, lovely lyrics, well done. -Looks up, sighs and smiles- There's still time to get things in order. -Walks off-

[Remus]: -Bent over, holding a paddle- Logan are we gonna do this or what? It's not as fun if it's just me!

*Thomas is solving the puzzle. His phone dings and he goes to check it. Once more it's just a reminder to do his laundry. He goes to check the messages he sent Nico. He still hasn't read them. Thomas stands up and goes to do his laundry. He is shown pulling out a red stained shirt from his drier.*

[Thomas]: Oh good, good, this was literally my only white dress shirt. -Throws the shirt away, Remus catches it. He throws it up and the shirt latches onto the edge of the door-

[Thomas]: -Rummaging through the drier- Aaand, yep, left a ketchup packet in my pants again.

[Logan]: Mm, perhaps this can be taken as a reminder that one does not normally need emergency ketchup.

[Thomas]: -Laughs- Oh, oh Logan, you, you are funny.

[Logan]: No, I'm not. And, besides the accidental smearing of solanum lycopersicum-

[Thomas]: Gross.

[Logan]: You are well on your way to completing this task. Looks like someone is getting fired up. -Walks off for a second, then comes back- And that would be you. -Walks off for a second, then comes back again- In case it wasn't clear. -Walks off for good this time-

[Thomas]: Yes I am. Yes I am!

[Remus]: -Tying some bed sheets and slowly sinking out- Yes... you... am...

[Thomas]: -Grabs a pair of pants- And this time I will make sure there are no... -Looks through the pockets- Ketc... -Pulls out a paper napkin. It has Nico's phone number on it, along with the message: "Thanks for the song inspo! -Nico." Thomas looks at it for a while before crumbling the paper, punching his door and leaving, causing the shirt to fall off and land on the ironing board. The iron falls and pushes a light, making it fall on a chair which has some pillows on it. Two of the pillows fall on the bed, making another container fall off the bed and hit the mirror. The mirror in turn falls over and pushes a travel suitcase that has some bed sheets tied to it. The bed sheets end up covering the pillows. Thomas walks back into the room to grab some more clothes and sees the pillows covered by the sheets, although to him it looks like there's someone under. He cautiously approaches and reaches out a hand. He quickly pulls the sheets and sighs when he sees that it's just a pillow. He turns around but jumps back when in front of him he sees Nico, who has dark make-up running down his face. The lighting of the room changes to green.-

[Fake Nico]: What? What do you want? God, you are so annoying. -Remus is shown puppeteering Nico, speaking along with him- Why don't you leave me alone? Take a hint.

[Thomas]: I-

[Fake Nico]: You're embarrasing. From the moment I met you. If you don't get rid of me, -Pulls out a knife- I'm gonna get rid of you.

*Thomas looks down at his hand and finds that he too has a knife. He looks back at Nico, furrowing his eyebrows, and the two raise their knives slowly. Remus watches expectantly. A hand is shown putting on some music. The light of the room changes to a combination of green and fuchsia as a violin starts playing.*

[Remus]: What the fuchsia?

[Logan]: Time for some receptive music therapy Thomas. Listen.

*The violin changes into upbeat disco music.*

[Remus]: No!

[Logan]: Engage with the music. Allow yourself to refocus using its melody and rhythmic patterns.

[Remus]: No! No, what?!

[Logan]: -Sighs- What the hell. Shake, -Holds up a vocab card- what your mama gave ya.

*The music gets louder and slowly, Thomas begins bopping along to it.*

[Remus]: Co- Come on!

*Thomas continues dancing, shuffling his shoulders.*

[Remus]: Thomas! -Mimes a stabbing motion- Come on!

*Thomas gradually gets more comfortable and his movements get "bigger". Logan looks on approvingly. Thomas throws the knife away, and Logan gives him thumbs up. Soon, Thomas gets rid of the Fake Nico in front of him, who disappears into smoke.*

[Remus]: Nooo! No, no, no! That was such a good one, too!

[Thomas]: -Walking away while dancing- Thank you Logan!

[Logan]: Of course. Dance it out, and when you're ready we'll continue.

[Thomas]: Yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure. -Leaves-

*Remus giggles and Logan turns to look at him.*

[Logan]: Remus, let's talk about today.

*Remus sits down and scoffs, looking away.*

[Logan]: I am willing to concede that there is most likely some merit in what you're trying to do, and I think it could be necessary, at some point, but perhaps you could also see the merit in what I'm trying to do. Trust me, what I'm implementing is and has been necessary for a long time, -Remus picks his nose, still ignoring Logan- and it's not every day that Thomas... is interested in carrying out this sort of thing. -Remus flicks his finger- I assure you, it will be beneficial to Thomas in the long run, and that can only mean good things for all of us.

[Remus]: -Holds a hand up to his ear and pretends to hear something before shrugging and looking away- Hm.

[Logan]: -Sighs- There will be a time and place for you.

*Remus yawns and scratches his butt, stomping his foot.*

[Logan]: -Unimpressed- Really?

[Remus]: -Holding a knife- You're going to pretend that I don't exist, so I'll pretend you don't exist.

[Logan]: I'm not doing that, nor would I recommend that Thomas do that. Pretending that you aren't here would be unhealthy and only exacerbate the situation. I am merely providing Thomas with the tools to... -Remus licks a tongue lollipop and then uses it to stroke his face- You have importance, we all have our roles and should be acknowledged for those roles. -Remus puts his finger in his ear and pulls out a cockroach which he then eats- Today, my role is to help Thomas become acclimated to his new schedule.

*Thomas is shown still dancing, until he notices something.*

[Logan]: I just want to help Thomas become the best version of himself he can be, and in order to do that, he needs to listen to me. -Remus files the nails of a plastic hand- Unlike yours, my methods aren't the flashiest, and it's not very often I get the chance to get through to him. Please understand my insistence on the matter.

*The thing that Thomas noticed was his phone. He walks to it and picks it up.*

[Logan]: -Sternly- Remus.

*Remus holds up and reads a book. The front cover reads: "Ignoring dummies for dummies" and near it there's a picture of Logan. The back cover reads: "Are nerds in blue ties bothering you?" Remus clears his throat.*

[Logan]: -Frustrated- Remus!

*Remus giggles. Logan begins breathing heavily as he grows even angrier, looking down with a scowl and closed eyes. Thomas is shown looking at the messages that Nico has yet to read. He furrows his eyebrows.*

[Logan]: Stop... -In an angry outburst, opens his eyes which are now a fiery orange and points a finger towards Remus- IGNORING ME!

*Nico calls Thomas' phone. Surprised, Thomas drops it and fixes his hair, his clothes and checks his breath for some reason. He grabs the phone and answers.*

[Thomas]: -Smiling- Hey!

*Logan seems shocked by his sudden outburst, he withdraws his hand and glances around.*

[Remus]: Hoo-ee, Logan. -Looks up from the book and stands up- Now you're speaking my language. -Logan adjusts his tie, still in shock- But who do you really want to scream that at? -Sinks out-

[Nico]: Mr. Sanders!

*Logan turns to look at Thomas' direction.*

[Thomas]: Mr. Flores! You are video calling me.

[Nico]: Ooh, yeah, sorry. Is that all right?

[Thomas]: Oh yeah, no, that's totally fine. And normal, for me to do this.

[Nico]: -Laughs- Okay, well, I- I'm sorry I missed your text. I was working a night shift and I ended up sleeping like, all day. But I'm off tonight, though. I was gonna check some art downtown if you wanted to come with.

[Thomas]: Oh, yeah, I- I like art. I'll, uh, run out and meet you there. -Runs off-

[Logan]: But... wait.. -Walks towards Thomas-

*Thomas grabs one of the jackets that are flung on his stair case and puts it on.*

[Logan]: Wait, Thomas, what about our plan?

[Thomas]: Oh, I'll get to it. I will.

[Logan]: -Sighs- I don't mean to harp on something that's already been established, but I assure you, adhering to this agenda would-

[Thomas]: Another day, Logan, I promise. It'll be a job for, you know, tomorrow Thomas, or day after tomorrow Thomas- This is just really important! -Walks towards the front door-

[Logan]: -Dejected- Alright.

[Thomas]: -Turns to look at him- I mean, it's not that bad. -Turns back around and trips on a box before opening the front door-

*Logan looks on crestfallen as he's left alone before taking in a breath and clutching his list close to his chest, and sinking out.*

*New scene; ending + promo.*

[Thomas]: Hey everybody, thank you so much for watching this video. I hope that you enjoyed it. We can't thank you enough for the support that you all provide, 'cause without it, we wouldn't be able to do amazing things like what we got to do for this video. If you want to see more and would like to help us make more, go ahead and check out our Patreon. -Patreon content begins being displayed- Janus' Corridor of Stored Rewards has a lot of bonus content, we do monthly live streams, our team artist Brie just created some amazing downloadable art and posters, it is amazing. -Art is shown- If you're able to support us over there, that would be amazing, but of course, no pressure. Even giving this video a like or subscribing is also incredible. We just appreciate you so much, so thank you so much. -Phone rings, Thomas picks it up- Hello? Fresh? -Laughs- It's been a while, you old so and so, but why are you calling me? -Babbling is heard on the other side of the phone- You're worried the viewers may be struggling with meal planning and you want to help out and you want me to be the vessel to do so? Of course! I love your food! -Throws his phone away- And that completely real conversation provided me the perfect segway to talk about how much I love it. Hello Fresh offers multitudes of delicious recipes every week, and to sweeten the deal, you can get dinner on the table in thirty minutes. -Babbling comes from the phone- Oh, 20 with the quick and easy options? Hah, I didn't even know you were still on the line. Hello Fresh has saved me a lot of time on busy weeknights that I now get to spend on bettering myself. -A cut shows Thomas playing video games and laughing on one such night- Did you know that with Hello Fresh you can change your food preferences, skip a week, or change your delivery days? Because I did. Last week, when I was out of town, I changed my delivery day to today. -Doorbell rings- Let's dig in! -Rolls away. Thomas is shown placing the Hello Fresh bag on his counter. He grabs a bag of pork chops- You want pork chops? Honey, they got 'em. -Thomas is shown pouring honey in a bowl- You want honey? Pork chops, they got 'em. -Different scenes of Thomas cooking play- You want mustard? You know they have mustard? -Thomas shows us a plate of food- I put them all together, and these honey mustard pork chops, mm, cut the mustard. -Thomas is back in his living room- That's just an expression, they didn't cut the mustard. It's a big part of the meal. But they did cut carbon emissions. Hello Fresh's carbon footprint is 25% lower than that of meals made from store bought groceries. -Thomas shows ingredients on his counter- Their service provides the ideal meal no matter what might appeal. It doesn't matter what you're looking, be it big on breakfast, looking for lunch, or down for some dinner. If you want to try it for yourself and see how good looking your cooking can be, just go to and use code ThomasSanders14 for fourteen free meals plus free shipping. Again, go to and use code ThomasSanders14 for fourteen free meals plus free shipping. All right, that is it, and until next time, take it easy, guys, gals and nonbinary pals. Peace out! All right, now you get to go and enjoy the end card. -Glass cracking is heard as Thomas go to walk away- My phone!

*New scene; end card. Thomas and Nico are shown looking at some art on the walls in a park. They talk to each other.*

[Patton]: Oh, they grow up so fast! After thirty two long years.

[Roman]: Do you smell what the park is cooking? It's cooking love, that's what, and I'm serving it right at Thomas and his snack. Another job well done by yours truly.

[Virgil]: -Stares for a second- But you didn't do anything.

[Roman]: Well, neither did you! Thank Aphrodite.

[Logan]: -Sighs- If only Apollo had more influence today.

[Roman]: He's busy being out-shined by this princely pairing. So Thomas didn't wash a couple of dishes yet, big deal. This might be key to something essential. You'll be fine, Rome didn't fall in a day.

[Logan]: Well, that's a misquote, and so-

[Patton]: Oh, come on Logan, no need to be a pouty professor. Roman is right! -Roman gives Patton an unsure glance- I think we should just all be supportive of Thomas right now, he needs this.

[Virgil]: Oh, thank goodness, you're giving him permission.

[Patton]: -Confused- Well, yeah, of course I would.

[Roman:] Everyone, shush! I'm reveling in the romantic tension.

*The camera cuts to Nico and Thomas talking and laughing in front of an art piece that says "Stay Connected." The sides watch, Patton with a small smile. Nico is shown explaining the piece to Thomas.*

[Logan]: I suppose this isn't the worst distraction Thomas could have.

*Nico moves on, but Thomas stays and stares at the "Stay Connected" piece for a while. Soon he rejoins Nico. The camera shows Logan before scaling up the tree and showing Janus, who is looking over while holding an apple.*

[Janus]: Yes, everything is just fine. -Bites the apple, the screen fades to black and a pair of glowing orange eyes is shown.-

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